“The Death took off her black coat
to throw herself into the dance!"

"Stranomondo" pays tribute to one of the most original, craziest and incredible parties that exist in the world: El Día De Los Muertos!

Every nation, every population celebrates DEATH in a thousand wonderful and terrible forms.
Every part of the world fears it and celebrates it, cries for it and makes fun of it. Everyone run away from it or face it.
For us it's an honor to celebrate the music, the night life and make great parties, so tonight DEATH knocked our doors asking us to dance together until dawn!

A Party that is a riot of happiness, sounds, perfumes, colors and incredible caricatural representations of Death, between baroque and pompous choreographies.

On tour in some of the most important clubs and festivals like Firenze Rocks (Live Nation Italia), live concert like Foo Fighters, Guns n' Roses, Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne.


(+39) 335 5615453

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